Subtitling and dubbing


We are professional translators with ten years of experience in audiovisual translation. Therefore, we perfectly know how to spot and deal with the challenges posed by the space, time and synchronization restrictions inherent to this specialty. This allows us to guarantee a superior service.

All our projects undergo a strict quality control.


Our different audiovisual translation services are specially designed for film production and distribution companies that want to export their creations, film directors who would like to present their movies in international film festivals, TV channels that need to subtitle or dub the content included in their programming and companies that are interested in making its corporate videos or online courses available in different languages. We also offer comprehensive assistance to international film festivals all over the country.


Among our audiovisual translation services, we offer subtitling and dubbing of movies, documentaries, short films, TV programs, corporate videos and online courses. In addition, we translate shooting scripts and dialog lists for dubbing.

Professional subtitling

The subtitling service includes the translation, the text segmentation, the synchronization with the original audio and the delivery of the subtitles file or the subtitled video as per client's preference.

Professional dubbing

The complete dubbing service includes the translation, the adaptation, the development of the dubbing script and the studio recording with a dubbing director and a team of professional actors or broadcasters especially chosen for each project.

Script localization

We are also experts at adapting TV and cinema scripts and transcriptions to the typical regionalisms of each target country.

Script revision and proofreading

We also revise and improve the grammar, orthography and syntax of scripts and transcriptions. We pay special attention to format, typography and style details in order for your texts to be accurate and clear, which will allow you to work smoothly and create a final audiovisual production of the highest quality.


We take care of audio and video transcriptions with or without time code specifications.


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