At Palabras del Plata, we offer high-quality, professional linguistic services (translations, localizations, interpretations, among others) at competitive prices. In the global quote, we always include the revision and quality assurance processes, which allow us to guarantee our clients an accurate, correct and reliable service.

Several factors determine the price of each project.

Language combination

The language combination of a project -that is to say, the language in which the source text is delivered and the language into which it will be translated- is the first factor we consider when preparing a quote.

Number of words or pages

As regards written translations, we prepare every quote taking into account the number of words or pages of the source text (and not the ones of the target text). Thereby, we can calculate the total price of the service accurately before the job is entrusted to us. Definitively, this is very convenient for our clients, who know that the quote will not be modified once they have approved it.

Length and quality of the video or audio

In the case of translations or transcriptions of audiovisual material, we will take into account the length and quality of the video or audio sent by our clients because both factors will affect the quote.

Length and location of the event

When it comes to interpretations, the length and location of the event where the job will be carried out are essential factors to define the quote. In general, we have a minimum rate for events that last up to one hour and a half, and traveling expenses of the professional who will have to go to the event site will be included in the total value of the service.

Difficulty of the subject matter

The difficulty of the subject matter of the texts (in the case of written translations) or of the events (in the case of interpretations) will also determine the price of the service. Technical, scientific and legal texts or videos require more detailed research processes, which sometimes include consulting specialists and experts of the field in question. The same applies to interpretations, where the difficulty will vary depending on whether it is a civil wedding, a press conference or a medical congress. Therefore, the greater the complexity of the job, the higher the quote.

Delivery date

The delivery date we agree with the clients will affect the price as long as it is an urgent project. In these cases, the standard quote will include a surcharge that will vary depending on the level of urgency. One of our priorities is to deliver the projects within the date agreed since we strongly believe that delivering the projects in due time and form is as important as the quality of the final product.


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