Localization is the process of adapting the linguistic and cultural aspects of a product (website, software, video game) to certain language or region where that product is intended to be marketed or used. Localization is a complex process that entails not only the translation and the linguistic-cultural adaptation, but also technical, editorial and management tasks to ensure that the localized product has the same impact and performs the same functions both in the local market and abroad.

At Palabras del Plata, we have developed our expertise in localization solutions so that our customers' websites and software have a better reception from users or the target market. We work along with a team of linguists and experienced engineers who are able to meet the requirements of each project.

Website localization

Website localization has become a must for all companies who want expand internationally. A localized website increases competitiveness and improves communication with customers. In the process of website localization, the linguistic-cultural and format aspects are adjusted to a certain audience. Thus, the user will feel more at ease and will surf the website in a more comfortable way. Publishing your website in several languages and adapting it to the needs and characteristics of each particular recipient will certainly improve your position in the international market and your customers' opinion of your business.

Software localization

Software localization consists of adapting a computer program so that it is compatible with the cultural norms of the target country or region. Thus, the software recipients will take it positively and will notice a great difference when using its various applications and features, which will be tailored to their linguistic and cultural environment. The software localization process involves not only the translation of textual content, but also the adaptation of images, graphics, codes and messages for the product to have a better reception among users.

We also localize all the information and material that comes with your product, from user guides and technical specifications to press releases and newsletters.

Video game localization

Video game localization entails much more than just translating a product into other languages. In this complex process, there are different factors that must be taken into account at all times, such as the linguistic-cultural factor and the identity, among others. Players of the localized version must feel that the video game was designed exclusively for them; in other words, the game play experience has to be the same as the one in the original language version. A localized video game will bring satisfaction and will create expectation in the target audience, all of which guarantees its success.

We put our creativity and experience at our clients' disposal, not only as localizers, but also as avid gamers, in order to provide a reliable adaptation and localization service.

We work with action, adventure, role, fighting, sports, trading cards, puzzles, shooting, education, strategy, MMO and browser video games, mainly for PC and mobile devices.

We localize the following components:

  • On-screen text (also known as "in-game text"): UI (menus, help screen messages, tutorials, etcetera), narratives, dialogues.
  • Audio and cinematics: scripts for dubbing, subtitles, songs.
  • Printed and complementary material: manuals, official game guide, packaging, marketing and promotional material.
  • Website: web content about the game, newsletters, blogs, etcetera.

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