Revision and proofreading

Every text —regardless of its type and the place where it will be published— is a calling card for the writer. A well-written text reflects the writers’ commitment to what they write and their respect for the audience.

However, no matter how much responsibility and dedication the writer may put into his work: a finished text may contain different types of mistakes. Although they may be small details that the author could not spot for being too immersed in his job, such carelessness might be detrimental to author’s image and even to the message he wants to transmit.

So that you can avoid such unwanted consequences, Palabras del Plata’s experienced team of editors and proofreaders will help you in the revision of your text (whether it is a novel, a thesis, a manual, an agreement, a movie or TV script or a website).

Style revision

We concentrate on the coherence and structure of the text from the linguistic, grammatical, lexical and semantic points of view in order to adapt it to its purpose and target audience. We check the text for redundancies, ambiguities and repetitions, and we pay special attention to conceptual accuracy, use of literary devices and register.

Grammar, orthography and syntax revision

This service is especially customized to serve the needs of editorials and advertising or communication agencies. We correct grammar, orthography and syntax mistakes. At the same time, we check the cohesion and coherence of the text from a global perspective. We focus on concordance, subordination, verb conjugation, prepositions, punctuation, use of capital letters, indentation and double spaces, among other aspects.

Orthotypography revision

Just like grammar, orthography and syntax revision, this service addresses the special needs of companies in the editorial and advertising fields. We verify the appropriateness of the whole set of aesthetic and typographic rules applied to a text. This involves checking the layout of items and graphics (tables, charts, images), the appearance and construction of indexes, footnotes, bibliographic citations, and the use and combination of different font styles (regular, italics and bold).

Translations proofreading

We verify that the translation you send us is faithful to the source text from the lexical and conceptual points of view. This type of revision is especially useful for large translation agencies that, due to the high work volume they receive daily, are often forced to outsource the quality-assurance (QA) process.

Upon delivery of the edited text, we also send you a detailed feedback of its positive and negative aspects and give you all the necessary suggestions for you to improve your future writings. Depending on your requirements and needs, we perform revisions on-screen or directly on printed copies.

We work mainly with texts written in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Our Spanish proofreaders and editors are certified by the Fundación Litterae in Argentina and by the Centro de aplicaciones profesionales del lenguaje y la edición – Cálamo&Cran in Spain.


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